How to take part in the Titan Lotto's lottery?

It is easy to participate in the Titan Lotto's lottery. Follow the below steps:

  • Simply visit the website ttnlotto.com
  • Select the desired lottery in which you want to participate
  • Choose your number and place your bid
  • Wait for the lottery draw.

Is the Titan Lotto lottery 100% safe & fair?

Yes! Titan Lotto is one of the world's first blockchain lottery platforms. The lottery process has zero human interference. It uses blockchain technology which is considered unhackable - all these things make the Titan Lotto lottery 100% safe & fair.

Is the lottery can only be played using the website?

No! Apart from the website, i.e., ttnlotto.com - Titan Lotto's Android and iOS apps are available on their respective app stores. You can download the apps and play the lottery.

Is there any signup fee?

No! Titan Lotto is free. Only the lottery you buy is payable.

Can I take part in multiple lotteries at the same time?

Yes! You can participate in as many lotteries as you want simultaneously.

What does a blockchain-based lottery mean?

It means the lottery will use blockchain technology to record and draw numbers.

Is the Titan Lotto lottery legal?

Yes! It is legal.

How much time does it take for the results to come out?

The results are announced right after the lottery time period ends. There is no waiting!

Is there any age limit to playing the Titan Lotto lottery?

Yes! The player must be 18 or above to be eligible to play the Titan Lotto blockchain lottery.

Is there any participation fee?


How Does the Titan Lotto Lottery Number Get Drawn?

As Titan Lotto is a blockchain-based lottery platform, there is no human interference in the selection process. The lottery winning number is the last digit of the first blockchain block generated right after the participated lottery ends.

What are the Minimum & Maximum Bets?

Currently, the minimum bid can be placed for as low as 0.10$ and the maximum for 100$.